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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

My Trip To The Sex Museum

Last semester I had to go into the city to do a paper on a statue, very classy stuff. But this time I had to do another paper along the same lines, but this one was more of the 'Titties and Beer' kind of paper.

Well, me and some of my classmates got together and went to the Sex Museum in NYC. And yes it is real, here is a link to some information on it.....Museum of Sex.....I would have put the actual web site but at work it keeps coming up as 'Porn' lol

The museum started off with the gift shop with all kinds of toys and devices anyone....or anything could ever want. And I say 'anything' because they had a sex doll for dogs, and just for $650 you can cure your dog of ever wanting to hump your leg. And cure you ever showing your face in public after your friends FaceBook pictures of this thing in your house!

They also had way over priced tee shirts with funny saying and pictures. Because who doesn't find the topic of sex funny? If it was not for the fact sex felt good it would be laughable!

There where lots of exhibits on everything from fetishes, to the history STD's and prevention. I personally loved the old condom ads from way back in the day. Who knew people where having sex back then?!?!

This one display of the living sex dolls is one for the books.....'For just $6,000 you can have a life size sex doll that is as close to the real thing as one can get without the fear of pimps, jail, marriage or crabs!'

And how could they possibly have a museum of sex without a section on the porn industry? I mean hell that is why the Internet is so vast and powerful after all!

I loved the safe sex posters and advertisements they had up, I wonder where they got them from? Because I never saw this ad in any magazine at the check out counter:

In all it was a fun trip, the entertainment value was much higher than when I had to do a paper on that Greek statue. But in all honesty the $16 was not worth it, yeah sex is great but I have seen better and more informative things on HBO. If you are bored and got some cash to burn go in and have a laugh, this is not something I would take a special trip just to see. This like all other attraction in NYC, it is a one shot kind of deal just to say you have been there.
Places I have been to in NYC that I will most likely never go again:

  • Empire State building....its a tall building....and.........
  • Madame Tussuad's Wax was fun but a little pricey and once you have seen it once you have seen it a million times.
  • Statue of Liberty......every American has to see it at least once!
  • Trade disrespect to anything related to 9-11 and I am glad I can say I was there, but they once were just buildings.
  • Time Square on New Years Eve.......I would go again if the temps go above, lets say 70! But been there, done that, and froze my ass off!

The Natural History Museum and Art Museum, I have been to as well but I love going there and will go back again and again. I love history and I love art and the fact they are always changing stuff around; one never knows what they might have next time around.

I love NYC and once upon a time wanted to live there, but that is a want I no longer have. I love taking little day trips here and there but that is a lifestyle I do not want, I want to de-stress these days. And NYC is all about the fast paced life of run here, run there and curse at anyone that gets in your way. Now, I am not saying I want to move the the country, I would not fit in there either. I just need a nice medium, and Jersey was once that medium but I fear I am becoming to 'Jersey Shore' for my taste.

To sum it up I would love to find a place that has some city, some country and some place to call home that allows my inner idiot to shine. I recently had a conversation about my inner idiot and found this clip that shows what he sounds like. I loved this movie when I was a kid and I think I adopted his laugh as my own.....but only during those times I am truly 'Feeling Stoopid'

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