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Monday, December 06, 2010

This weekend:

This weekend was a very productive one, I shoe shopping with the wife to help her pick out shoes for her party dress. Yes I like going to the mall, no matter what the reason is. The wife is going to her company Xmass party without me this year, damn school and my need to pass :(

But what can one do, I have to go to class that night the teacher made that very very clear. So I might shot up there afterwards just to see her in all her glory. And to parade around the room and show her off.....'You see that hot piece of ass....yeah I hit that!'

And after only three hours of searching she found what she was looking for, and even got a nice necklace and earrings to match as well. I know most men hate the mall and all the walking around but for me its just a fun day out with the wife. I take whatever alone time I get with her :)

I mean with legs like that what red blooded straight man wouldn't right?
She even tried on another dress but she noticed it showed off the girls jussst a little too much lol:

On Sunday we had a birthday party to go to, our neighbors kid turn 5 and they had the party at the skating rink. I am not sure why but Seth and Lucas ate like there was no tomorrow. One would have thought I never gave them food the way they were putting it away, it was just too funny!

Seth spent all his token on this game, he loved being Homer. I remember playing this game back in 1994 with an old girlfriend at Seaside Heights! We spent I dont know how much but we beat the game, Jersey Fist pumping the whole time!

Just a friendly reminder to those who go out in public, I have a camera and I know where to point it lol

This is a picture of the card I got for the little girl.....I could not find any good kiddie ones so I got this one. The inside read:
'We ran into a little snag with the party entertainment on the way to the party'

And after we were all loaded on high fatty food and sugar we headed home for some cleaning, Chinese food and Xmass lights. I have to get a picture of the lights, but we are not done yet so I will probably get one later on tonight.

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Angel said...

Wow! She looks fantastic! Glad to see you posting more regularly again. :)