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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Post Holiday Review, Step One:

The Wife's Holiday Work Party

The day of her annual Christmas party fell on the same day I had to give an oral presentation in my international business class, and I could not skip was 40% of my grade! But the professor said I could leave as soon as I done.

So, soon as I clicked on the last slide of my PowerPoint presentation I was out the door! Flying up the Parkway at speeds I will not mention and doing some maneuvers that would have given any NASCAR fan a woody. I made it in record time, I even made it in before they took all the awesome food away. I only had one shot, no seconds so that plate was loaded! We all had a blast and as usual the holiday party was great.....but one side effect of all this holiday greatness is that I have gained major weight. And starting last night I am going to war with my gutt, my lack of will power and my missing motivation. I have only 5 months to get back into shape....I am not going into the summer of the last year the earth has out of shape. You know the world is coming to an end in 2012 right?

I am back to where I started....AGAIN....but hey at least I have something to bitch about now hahaha. But looking back I sure had a blast putting on the weight, and now its time to pay the piper lol. Now lets get on with those pictures I took that day:

1) Here we have the wife unit getting ready, hot as usual. Side note: Her boobies where the talk of the night. She does have wonderful assets and huge......tracks of land!

2) Here we have her old boss Marta and the big boss...whose name I cannot remember, I think it's John. He is a great guy, he came to Atlantic City with all of us with a drink in his hand. Now that is a boss. Side note: She has wonderful posture doesn't she?

3) Who doesn't love some girl on girl love? I know I do lol. That is Monica dancing with the wife, another person from the cool kids at the job.

4) Here is another boss, Joe I think....he is her direct boss at the location she works at, another great guy. He just had a new baby...well his wife had the baby but he did help get it started lol

5) The wife and Jill, they have been working side by side for the past month or so trying to clean up a location that needs.....some help. I cannot go into detail but let me just say we are all adults and know what has to get done in the grown up world. So just do it, no one should have to tell you what your job is these days.

6) And sure enough that is me being me. Side note: She let me do this so I did not get smacked for this one lol

7) I had just sat down with my food when we had this one taken, notice the fork is all set to start the shoveling! Does anyone else think I look like Tom Green here?

8) Forgive me but I cannot remember her name, I am sooo bad with names and I always feel bad when they call me by mine and I cannot return with theirs. But she is another part of the cool kids that sit at the back of the bus....because we all know only the cool kids get to sit there lol.

I will be doing a Christmas post soon, probably tomorrow. I do not want to do all my blogging in one day, since school is out I have had to do actual work at work! I now have to time to goof off on a massive scale.....I mean hell I got to work at 0600hrs and took a nap until 0930! How awesome is that?

Up Coming post:
1) Xmass in Review
2) The 2010 Snow Blast (NJ got nailed with a shit-load of snow yesterday and I am sooo going to bitch and blog about it lol)

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Mom Taxi Julie said...

I'd never be brave enough to wear a dress that "low". She looks beautiful though :)