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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kean University Carnival 2007

We went to the human petting zoo this past Sunday, or better yet we went to a local carnival located in the parking lot of Kean College. Carny folks are always the cream of the crop but always seem to come from the sallow end of the gene pool where all the litttle kids go to pee. But they are all good hard working people that give us much entertainment and give kids thrills like no other. In the eyes of a child a local carnival is just as great as Six Flags haha.

While out and about I took some photos of the what went on at the fair.

Here we have some great carny art, it was the scene painted on the side of the fun house. Mr. NoNo's was too short for most of the rides. But the ones he was tall enough for, he could not get enough of!

Just a wide shot of the animals attending the fun.

Carny rides have that special element that big parks do not have, the element of suprise. Like, suprise it did not fall apart while you were on it!

Here we have BrotherInLaw, TheOlderOne and Mr.NoNo's in front of the fun house. TheOlderOne's mother put something in his hair when they went on their cruise and it turned his hair orange. I dont ask, he likes it.

This had to be the funniest ride to watch. It shoot up in the air then dropped you, no biggie. But the people faces when they got off where hilarious. Best 4 bucks that did not end with a BJ.

Now when I said lets not be to hard on them because you know they put in long hours, do not have regular access to normal fauclities, eat carny food (which I will get to in a second) and provide a service for our childrens benefit; this is one of the many examples of what I was taking about. This guy has probably be running this ride non stop for two days and he even let it run a little longer if they screamed. The louer the screaming the longer he would run it. Which was cool when you got on, not so cool when you were waiting. But in the end it was all cool.

Mr.NoNo's loved this little kiddie fun house. I probably should have just bought him an all day pass just for this stupid thing. He would have spent all day here lol.

Another example of a local, for some reason the flash went off and it came out crappy. I was not about to try again, she did not notice I was taking a pic of her. But if she did she might have gone all ghetto on me....and yes she was ghetto fab, so was the baby and the baby fauthur.

Here is what I was talking about when I said their diet was full of 'carny food'. This little stand had Fired Oreo's, Fried Twinkies, Fried Snickers and Fried Dough (Funnel Cake). This is a diet that would make anyone greasey and fat. But by god it taste good!......The funnel cake, I did not have the balls to try any of the other stuff. It just looked scary!

And what carny does not have CORNDOGS!?!

Grease up ya potato sack we are in a down hill race off the super slide.

The carny even hired the local sherriffs department to keep watch. It was half ghetto rats and half trailer trash. You never know, they did not sell beer but I am sure this was a BYOB kind of event.
And as with most guys I find women in uniforms hot but this little humpty dumpty really did not do much of anything for me. She walked like a dude, spoke like a dude , scrathched like a dude and probably screws like a dude. Not very attractive.

All in all the kids had a blast and the human element kept me and the wife unit laughing all the way home. We did see some man-gina but I could not get a pic.....sorry. If you love to people watch I would advise you to take a run over to any local carny or town fair. Happy hunting.


rsm said...

I'm pretty sure the same carnival was just around here about a month ago. I'm a Philly girl, so adjusting to Jersey has been, ummmm, interesting. You think you've seen it all living in the city... until you meet Jersey girls.

And dude, did you try the funnel cake? Now that they took the trans fat out of it, it's completely worthless; might as well be eating pancakes. Fried Oreos, though, trans fat or not, you're dead by the third one, hands down.

morbid misanthrope said...

I think some of my family are carnies; although, they could be gypsies. Either way, their diets are terrible and they often die before they're old enough to drive. And one of them might be a werewolf.

Nikky said...

reminds me that I will have to take my monsters to the local fair next month, for many of the reasons you listed. Maybe I'll think to take my camera, although I'm sure much of it will look the same, freaks, weird food and scary rides.

guttergirl said...

What the hell are fried Oreos?
That is one food group I have never tried.
I love people watching at carnivals. It usually gives the self esteem a little boost.