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Monday, June 11, 2007

Going to the car wash....

On Friday my boss gave me the job of getting the company car washed. Now normally this would not seem like a big ordeal. But when you have a light bar on top of your car you will find that some of them will not let you go through.
This was the case with the local one that is about 3 blocks from us. The gripe is a legitamate one but come on, I was willing to sign a waver saying I wont sue if something happened. But the little brown man would not budge. I had to drive across town to another car wash that was more concerned with getting my 8 bucks than my light bar on the car.
I always feel like a kid when I go through these things. I love taking off my seat belt during the ride and jumping all over the car. I sure hope they do not have any cameras in those things. Hmmmmm maybe next time I will take the wife unit in her minivan and get freaky while the car is getting a wash. Sex in publick, in your car and while in motion is probably agaist some law in this state haha.

This light said something about hot wax or something......ohhhh BUBBLES!

wissh wissh wisssh go the brushes haha

Ahhhhhhhh duck! In Cumming!

I sooo wanted to roll down my window and let these things slap the shit out of me

Is this what it would look like if a male porn star would do a drive by on your car?

I dont think I asked for the mayo window wash.

I tipped the guys 2 more bucks for drying it off which brought the total to 10 smackers. I would do a little before and after to show how much better it looks now but I think the boss man might look down apon that. So let me just say it looks much better. Even the wheels look cleaner.

I have some pics from the weekend but I have to go to school and see if my week 7 grades have been posted yet. I will be back later today or maybe even tommorow to show year 3 of our fold-away pool and carnival freaks. We went to a local fair, and lets just say the people at these things are usually the people from the shallower in of the gene pool.



guttergirl said...

I love the car wash. It even smells like bubble gum. You are right, there is something about them that brings out the kid in you.
However, being from the great white north, the whole covering the windows white, does make you a little uncomfortable. You imagine it being snow!

honkeie2 said...

NONONO just saw not to snow. Its cold, wet and makes everything cold and wet. No NO No snow.

Carie said...

I love car washes to lol...especially when Ash was little and they would ut her to we had a very very clean car lol

Samantha said...

When I was little, my parents used to take me in the car through one of those for a treat. Goddamn, they were cheap!

morbid misanthrope said...

Cool. I've always wanted to take my car through one of those things. First, though, I need a car that isn't 90% cardboard.

K said...

Ahahaha...I love taking pics in the car wash! Especially when you get the super duper wax's multi-coloured :P

honkeie2 said...

carie: my little ones love driving in the car, I have yet to take them to a car wash. Maybe I will do that this weekend lol.

samantha: When I was little my mom used to work at one and I got my full of free rides lol.

morbid: well it could double as a full body wash.

K; Is that the same as a Brazilian?