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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Yeah blog

It has taken me a while to get this post out but better late than never.
On Saturday me and 3 other of my coworkers had to work at a company picnic. It was hot as hell but we got all we could eat and drink. And boyyyyy did I ever take them for their word! We were out in the sun for 8 hours and boy oh boy was I sweating my balls off. But even though we were at work we all had some fun and it was pretty easy money. All over time ....go me lol.

Now on Fathers Day we went to 6 Flags; Me, the baby, the oldest and the little woman with our little bun in the oven.
The pic below is of the largest slide at the park. It looks scary as hell but to be honest the scariest part is the climb up, the ride itself is sooo fast you never even notice the drop. I must say if you like roller coaster and water rides this is a great slide. And if I can do it, vertigo and all, anyone can. But I must say the worst part of this slide is the bottom. Once you hit the part that stops you, your baithing suit shoots right up your ass. And it has to be one of the worst weddgies I have ever gotten lol.

The wave pool was one of the biggest attractions. Everytime the bell rang signaling that the waves were about to start all the people (kids mainly) would start squielling and screaming.

Now being the man that I am I was looking around at all the MILF's and the booties in thier summers best. I had some better pics but I know the wife would have beat the crap out of me if she saw the photos I had in the camera. This one was not ass bad ass some of the other tiny thongs and see through materials I saw.
She was a mom of at least 2 but not bad, just bad taste in suits.

Now I dont know about the rest of you but when I was a kid there was always one or two fat kids in the class. But as I walked around I saw tons of little fatties, mostly boys. This tubby one I have here is actually not so bad. The one kid I couldnt get had fucking tits man....TITS. This kid needs a BRO...or better known as a man bra.

Side view and looks like the kid in red is quickly coming into his Huskie cloths too.

Here is my little man in his swimmie, this boy loves the water. He was in the lazy river in just his floaty swimming about. I have no dout that he will be one hell of a swimmer if he wants. He is a natural in the water and no matter how many times he got knocked over by the water he would run right back in.

Where's Waldo? Actually find the white guy, mr. Man Tittites, Hairy back old man and how many MILF's can u find?

Oldest and youngest enjoying water shooting up thier trunks.....It feels good, I know :-)

Another thing I saw was tons of dudes with really bad tats. This guy had some pretty good ones though. I just did not want to get too close to mr ghetto-liciuos. And besides, water and my camera dont go hand and hand. I am thinking about buying the underwater housing for my camera.

We all had a blast and I got a little burt but just a little red. No pealing and no pain. SPF30 made sure of that. But the sun was so strong and reflecting off everything the sunscreen was just enough to keep me from a 3rd degree burn.

Now a few ppl were curious to what happened to the boss man. I cannt say too much about it due to the sensitiviy of the charges but let me say this:
1) He was high up the ladder, and I mean he was second from the very top.
2) He was buddy buddy with the guy at the very top
3) He was given the option to resign.
4) We now have a void in our area, which means someone has double duty and it aint me hahaha

I feel really bad about how this went down but there was nothing anyone could do for him. If the top guy cannt help you then there really is nothing anyone can do. I will probably call him in a week or so. He was the one giving me golfing lessons and I still have his clubs. It will be werid but whatever happened on the job to get him in this spot is none of my buisness and golf heals all wounds.


Katie said...

your post really make me lol..
glad you and your family had fun

honkeie2 said...

thanks katie, I love making ppl smile :-D

Video X said...

your kid in that bathing suit thing is just out of control adorable!!!!

sounds like you had a very good father's day! although i doubt you'd have a bad time anywhere ;)

Cherry! said...

I say he was looking at porn. That happened to the 2nd in charge once where I used to work.

Anyway, I love that pics of the boys getting the water up their swimming costumes! hahahaha!

Looks like you all had a great time!!

morbid misanthrope said...

My folks never took me to a water park when I was a kid. Once, though, my dad tied me to a tree and threw ice cubes at me. I guess he was trying to pop the water balloon taped between my eyes.

Lisa said...

I"M BAAAAAAAAAACK!!! I have missed YOU so very much! I am going to read every post that I have missed due to laziness, work, children and weddings!!

I love the water park pics. I live about a half a mile from a smaller water park and I assure everyone of my friends that complain about what they look like in their swimsuits that there is some1 at the waterpark that looks a helluva lot worse. I actually got scarred by a grandma in a thong!!! Eeewwwwwww:(

Carie said...

lol we go to our local water parks during the summer alot lol and it always amuses us to people daughter is afraid of all the rides, she wants to stay in the wave pool all day, Ken and I go on everything, for me the bigger, badder the better lol

glad your Daddies Day was great :o)

Shannon said...

All I can say is LOL!.. I can't believe men really look at MILF' makes me feel all dirty inside....haha

Looks like you think anyone tinkled in the pool?? Hope you didn't swallow any pool water!!

Glad you had fun!

honkeie2 said...

vx: Thanks and yes I did :-P

cherry: yeah porn on the job will do all the time lol.

morbid: when I was a kid we took this large tarp and put the hose on it. It was the largest redneck slip and slide in AL.

lisa:welcome back...and yes no matter how bad you look there are 100's of ppl that look a million time worse than u lol.

carie: I love the huge slides. The wetter the better haha.

shannon: Yes I would be the one lookin making you feel all dirty....but when u have mirrored sunglasses and learned the art of "NoMovey the Necky Muscles" you would never know. And no I didnt tinkle in the pool.....but I did find a few warm spots here and there.