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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Its Friday Beeoootch!

Its Friday, big fucking deal. I have to work Saturay.....oh well. At least I wont be spending money, I will actually be making some instead. Not much is going on here, the little woman is dong good with the bun in the oven.....the evil man is just as evil. But he is doing good, the oldest is ding his thang and doing good. All I can really complain about is this fucking weather. I is summer....well it does not offically start until the 21st so we have a week or so to go.

But in Honkeie news I am now on my way to making money on Ebay. I have opened my first sellers account and will be trying to unload the crap I have in my house that I cannt bring myself to throw away. I will try not to sell garbage, unlike most ppl on ebay. It is all good stuff, I just dont want it anymore or I have no idea what to do with it. If you want go check out my two items.....HonkeieOnEbay....I have all kinds of stuff that I just not use anymore that someone somewhere might want. And now that I have figured out ebay(I think) I can now start adding stuff to my list. I have an ebay bow at home that contains all my soon to be Ebay'ed items. The next one to be added will be a box of about 15 master lock gun locks. One of my coworkers is a gun collecter and everytime he gets gun permits to buy a gun the police give him these locks. He asked if I wanted them and I thought " Hell why not maybe I can sell them on Ebay" And that is what I am about to do lol.

Now it is Friday and it has been a while since I did a Friday Funny so I will do one today. Work has not been such a headace today so I have a few extra minutes to myself. So pay no attention to speeeling or grammar. I am typing this out fast as hell and stopping every few minutes. I sometimes lose track of what I wanted to say and have to delete whole paragraphs lol. But ahy who....what I did today was i went to a search engine and typed in the word "candy" and looked up any and all imagines they had. I found a ton of pics of ppls pets, the yummy stuff, a few porno chicks and some japanese cartoon porn. God, cartoon porn has to be the strangest thing, but I do feel a littl dirty about getting turned on by it!

1) This was just a cute pic of one of my fav holidays. I hope to go out again next Halloween. 3 boys on the prowl for candy mauahahahaahha! The little red M&M looks happpy as hell there lol. But it is also a little disturbing.....does anyone else think that Hersey Kiss costume looks a little like a KKK outfit????!!!!!

2) Meet Candy, this is her high skool year book pic...1970. God I hope I dont come off that dorky in 2050.

3) Meet another 'Candy'. I dont know but there is just something totally rancy about a chick with a name like 'candy' She is cutie but she has something in her teeth over there.....floss girl its called floss. But I would hit dat two times hahahahaha. Surfer chicks and volleyball sluts are nice :-P

4) Now as I said there were alot of pics of ppl and thier pets. No biggie, but what the hell is that guy doing with that dogs stump?

5) Meet yet another 'candy' But this is a chick that digs bald head. I think her sit was I could be wrong I didnt write it down. She has this thing for bald heads, werid but we all have some werid fetish. Bald chicks scare me.......but if they keep their hair down there just as short then I think I could look past the Billy Cooriagan, from the Smashing Pumkins look.

6) This was some forgoten hero from the mid 80's band. I love the 80's but I think I missed out on this band, 4 dudes calling themselves candy......a little gay even for the 80's lol.

Like I said before there is just something kinky about a girl named 'Candy'.....brings about visions of sucking and licking something I just cannt get enough of. If I ever have a female boss named that I think I will lose it hahahaha. So remeber that when U are naming your daughters, dirty old men like the name 'Candy'

I hope everyone has a good weekend, and D all looks good. Go out and get crunked for old times sake. Guess what one of my fav skins mags was back in the day........'Plumpers' I have always has a soft spot for the chubby chicks haha


Cherry said...

Ha! Those little kids in their halloween costumes was cute! :)

And I LOVE that leather bracelet. It's HOT. I wonder if I could talk hubby into buying that? lol

morbid misanthrope said...

Dude, with that leather bracelet and several three-foot-long spikes, I could probably join wouldn't happen to be selling a spiked club or battle axe by any chance?

Dude, the picture of that bald broad looks like someone photochopped a bald head on Liv Tyler.

Shannon said...

LOL I agree with Morbid..that's a Liv Tyler special there haha

"Candy Girl, you are my world..".. Ahhh see what u started! =P

Becky said...

WOW, we've both gotten slack as a mo' fo' on our blogs!

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