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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday, what a good feeling.

It is Friday and boy oh boy am I glad. It has been a very buisy week, and to make it a bit tuffer we are having out bathroom redone. As of now the bathroom is nooo more. They said it will take about a week but as they started they have found a few little problems. One the bathroom has not been updated since it was put in the house about 70 years ago. Which makes the demolition a little harder, back in the day they used fucking cement for the tiles and plaster for the walls. Which means it took them longer to gut it, and then they found that the floor has rotted. Which I knew and saw that one coming. They had to rip out all the floor out and put a new one down. They were at that point yesterday, lets see how much they can get done today. Here are some before and after pics, but they are more like before and 'in working process' pictures now.

As I was taking these it became clear to me just how small this bathroom is/was. I coud not get any angle to work with so I took a few from a distance. The previous owner was the anti-handyman, he did things to this house that no one should ever be allowed to do. He had this ugly ass wall paper in here, and anyone with a half of a brain would know what would happen when you add a steamy bathroom with no exhaust fan with wall paper. Well he tried to fix that by using this heavy duty glue on the walls, but all it did was leave these clumps of dried residue on the walls. The wall paper still fell off.

About 2 years ago we took all the wall paper off and painted the walls, it made a huge difference but the bathroom still need allot of help.

Day one:

Day one: No more toliet!!!

Now as one can see this will be a post full of pictures. I even have my HNT pic, I know I am late but I got lazy yesterday and just did not get around to putting it up. This is an imagination any men or relatives looking at this please do not go any farther, it isnt anything to nasty but I am sure you can live with out this image in your mind. And for the record I am about to shave all this crap off....its summer time damn it:

HNT 6/29/2006-


I really dont have much planned for this weekend, I paid my bills so I am kinda broke. But that is ok, I will just play in the pool and fun with the family. Nothing is more exciting than chasing after a 3 year old with the energy of a meth freak on a full teak. Mr. Electric is hyper as ever and all we can do is watch and play referre, sometimes I wish I could tap that energy and shoot it right into my arm. I would make a fortune of this stuff, I would call it "KiddieHgh". It would be better than sugar, cocaine, meth, crack or ephdrine because it has no down time and no side effects. I often wonder how kids get fat when they have all this energy, hell when I was a kid I eat everything in site and energy up the yingyang. I often wonder what these little fatties are eating, must be straight Crysco or something. But oh well.........

Its Friday so I want to share some of the funnies I have found today. I went on a hunting safari well actually just goggled the word 'Fugly' and found all kinds of examples of god and his sense of humor. Let me share a few I found and you to can laugh secretly at all the ugly ppl of the world. Just remeber no matter how bad you think you have it, there is always someone out there who has it much much worse than you.

1) To bad we cannt photoshop reality.......

2) And dont let celeberties have off spring.

3) Ummmmm I am a bit lost for words here. It looks like Ozzy and Kurt Korbain had sex with a bull dog and their DNA popped out this~>

4) Now, why am I the only person that sees this isnt a woman? Comb over = man in my book.

5) I bet they thought they were hot shit too hahahahahaah, I would want to see what their kids look like.

6) I dont want to be to mean to this poor soul.......but my god did you have to show us your teeth. She would be perfect for the show Swan.

I hope someone got a giggle out of that and if not ....fuck off....I am here to amuse myself and I am laughing so hard I peed on myslef a little.
Have a good and nonsober holiday weekend. I hope to see some drunk picture taking come Tuesday hahahahaahah.


morbid misanthrope said...

It never ceases to amaze me how, with Photoshop, people are able to take pictures of unusual, South-Asian chimps and make them look like partially bipedal prom queens.

Here are some more people who've been beaten by the ugly stick, the ugly hammer, the ugly hose full of bee-bees, and the ugly 2 x 4 with nails in it:

Ranger Tom said...

You should come to West Virginia some time... LOTS of fugly kids around here.

Shannon said...

Wow ...ummmm...interesting pics?? (I dunno what to say) lol...

When you are done with that job, I have some little jobs you can do here.. do you hang shutters? Work on washers? How about carpets?? *Sigh*...Anyways, have a safe and happy 4th, and stay away from the explosives (I know you too well now) lol

Anonymous said...

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