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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Why can't I find a job worth getting out of bed for? I have had many jobs and worn many hats (and I mean that literally). Personal trainer was one of my favs but I hated (and still hate) doing sales, but loved working with people "trying" to get fit. The story of my life lol, but I did not like harassing people around the gym to buy my services and ended up working the juiced bar. All the free protein I could handel, which was rather a large amount.
And yes large quantities of protein and exercise will make you big. But one problem, at least for me anyway, it is not cheap. Those gym rats shelled out 4 bucks a glass for one freakin glass, and not to mention giving me a tip too. ;-) I also got some fringe benefits from working at a health food store. When ever new products came in the would just throw out the old stuff. Not that it was bad or anything just old, and I would just help myself. Here is a note to and aspiring body builders short on cash for supplemnets, get a job a health food store or juice bar. I was going one gram of protein per body weight and not spending a dime. Pretty cool , and to top it off I got to try all the new supplements that hit the market for free. * wink wink* on how I was able to do that but that is where I meet my friend ephedrine. What a wondrous drug, oh happy days lol. But this job did not last for it was a second job only and my primary one was dragging me me down. And since the divorce was finally done with I could get back to a normal routine. 
From there I thought about going to become a bartender on the weekends but the idea of being around smokers all the time was not to appealing. I used to smoke and the whole reason I stopped was because of the freakin smell. I cannt stand the smell of it, but ohhhh do I still crave that wondrous feel of all those chemicals racing through my veins lol. Just seeing someone on TV with one can bring back old cravings, but once I get a whiff of it; its alllll over. I still sneak a smoke now and again( during times of stress) but I limit them to only a few. I do enjoy a good Cohiba cigar, and yes i think I misspelled that. LOL. I have to be the worst speller on the planet and just to lazy to press a key to spell check. Tuff sheet for you, hehehehehehehe.
I never pursued a career as a bar keep but just stayed at my current job where I got promoted WHOOHOOO. Only due to the fact the boss before me left and I was the only one really in the know of how the office worked. So it was "who the hell can do this?" and "who the hell is going to train them?" I was the the easiest way out of a possible disaster and besides the one guy they hired for he spot screwed up two operation systems in one day. He basically walked out the door on the second day and never came back, it was tooooo funny. But my new found job and responsibilities was no where near funny or fun. I can't complain about the money but I sure as hell can complain about being on call 24/7 for all problems. I was now the site manager for one of the largest accounts my company had and I was in charge of everything........Payroll, schedules, call-outs, over time, special coverages and anything else they could dish out. It was not long before I was envious of people working assembly lines with mind numbing/soul crushing jobs. But it did give me a since of pride that I could do it and that I was finally "da boss" Then they gave me my first business cards. I nearly shit myself with excitement, no education but h.s. no real work history and no demeanor that said corporate worker. There I was in the American dream, all but the corner office LOL. I do have one but it is not mine alone ,,,, yet!!
I can not bitch to much about my job but it is still a drag and I have to bring myself out of the white man nightmare that has consumed me, almost completely. I am not my job and I do not work to meet an end. I work to afford my habits, wife( 1 and one ex), kids( 2 of them), cars, and all the things that come along with the consumer's way of life.

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