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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

New pool

As you can see we have a pool, whoooohoooooo. We bought it at our favorite store in the whole wide world : Target...and it is not pronouced TARSHAY. We are not in freakin France last i check, thank dog(god). hehehehehe. and yes my imaginary friend can beat u your imaginary friend lol. But back to the pool, it was the biggest one they had in stock. But I am sure it is the biggest one they make that comes in a box and goes up in 45 minutes. It took about 45 minutes to put up, but it took about 15 extra minutes to ge the damn thing out of the box lol. Did not factor that in Mr. Poolman, but that was not the biggest hurdel. The only problem that we have had so far is that u have to have at least 3 people to do this. The is no way in hell one person could have done this alone. First of all the box weighs a fuken ton, well more like 120lbs and some change i would say. Secondly, putting up the walls of the pool has to be done in sections and the momment u put one up the other falls. If i could have been sitting back watching myself do this in the begining i would have laughed too. But lucky for me the wife came to the rescue.
Let me tell u a little about my little woman( she is little 5'2"me 6'2", and never call her an umpalompa she hates that). This woman is the assembly king/queen, she can single handely put IKEA furniture together. Now that is a woman u marry; wash, cook, clean and put things together by reading instructions written by blind mice. If i try i always end up breaking parts out of frustration because it will not fit( because it does not belong in that hole.......;-D ), or because after of 30 minutes of screwing and fitting i learn that i have to take it all apart . I missed a step somewhere along the line and that was apparently a very important step .
Now with her help we were able to put our "pool in a box" up in no time flat. Now came the hard part, filling the beast with a little yellow garden hose that leaked. My 2 year old loved the mud the leaky hose was making and always found a way to end up in no matter who was watching him. For those of u with no kids they are all born with the Harry Houdini magic. One second they are sitting playing nice and the bammmm they are 20 ft from where they were 2 seconds ago knee deep in mud having a dirt taste testing contest with themselves.
But i can only laugh at that , mud washs off and all is well. The pool took about 3 days to finally fill up. We did not leave it on continusly out of fear of drowning out the backyard. We turned it on when we got home from work and turned it off when we went to sleep.
With filter attached, chemicals bought, cover on and skimmer ready to go all we need know are some warm days to climb in. We had to clean it already and we have not even gotten in once. I was going to climb in to do this but after 2 seconds outside in my trunks my brian started to loss function. It was tooo damn cold to even stand in the puddles by the pool, forget climbing in and palying polar bear. Let us not forget the bitting wind that was whipping around.
This has got to be one of the best purcases this summer for maximum summer time fun. I would advise anyone with some space to buy one, only if u are not lazy and hate to maintain things. Yes i mean u Mr. i only change my oil in the car when the light comes on, or ill do it when it finally falls off and is now a danger to the publik and can cause serious reproductive harm if u sit in it. Pools require a great deal of attention and work, let it go for too long and it will be ruined. This is our first shoot at this so here is for hoping for a good time and many more summers to come( now i shall laugh because i said come...hhehehehehehehehehehehehhehe).

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