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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I am a lazy Bitch, what of it!

Well it is back to the old bump and grind, 12 days off and it seems like I never left! We all went out to Virgina to see out NavyMan off on his second deployment to the land of sand and RPG's-aka:Iraq. That's right I rack and you Rock!
We got to stay at his house that he is renting with some of his buddies
so we did not have to spend money on a hotel, which was cool. It was nice of his roomies to put up with us and all of our nonsense. Two kids, one teen, two adults and one child/adult (me).
The house was a nice, I loved the lay and everything about it. But 2 things I would change if it were mine, one: hardwood floors, I am not a carpet fan-in any shape of the word of carpet lover ;) and two I would need a bigger bathtub! Other than that I would be cool with it!
Here we have one of the adults sitting on the steps of said house.

And here we have one of the many strange things I found in the Virgina great out doors. I also found a frog that I chased the wife unit around the house with. She said if I dont put it away I would get warts......funny thing is not only did it piss in my hands I have yet to get any warts! I let him go before I could get a picture of him, we dont get many reptiles in the part of NJ I live in so I was a bit miffed about missing Kermit.

NavyMan wanted to show off his cooking skills by making......some pastry meat and cheese filled thingie that I have no idea how to spell or even pronounce properly. I speak 2 languages english and bad english; spanish rolls of my tonuge like a mouth full of sand and used cat litter.
By the way, the few I got to eat were good.....being in a house full of food mongers you have to be quick or be hungry!

One of the most fasinating parts of going south is being able to buy beer just about anywhere. The Super Wal-Mart had a booze isle! You cannt buy any form of alcohol anywhere but a liquor store in Jersey, so I spaz like a retard when i see beer at a 7-11! But the down side is they have this rule about no booze being sold after 11pm or was it midnight......well whatever the rule you had better make sure you bought enough the day before!

And with consuming large amouts of beer comes the need to relieve ones self, and what better place than the right off the porch? I have a few other pictures from a few different angles but I am not about to post those nasty lawn sprinklers on here!

This is the computer room, each roomie had their own PC, here we have The NavyMan watching and laughing his ass off to this~~~~~~~>SLAP
And if you dont watch this at least 20 times you suck!

Boy does he love him some tunes!

While we were down there Cheese celebrated his 2nd birthday. We bought him a ColdStone birthday cake, I really dont get what the big deal is. It's just ice cream that cost more to turn into poop.

Now I am not sure if anyone noticed the bandages that NamyMan had on him but if you did he got a really bad case of poison ivy just a few days ago. He was putting all kinds of things on it because he thought it was ring worm. After one trip to the medic he found out it was nothing more than a really bad reaction to some poison ivy.
And from what I have heard it spread when he got on the boat. I sure hope it has gotten better, no Boat Whoes for you my friend until it clears up. Hey Doug how long until them boat-goggles start to work?


~Sheila~ said...

Hey Dude, thanks for stopping by again and commenting on a few of my blogs. (Yes, I noticed).
The house looked nice. Don't you just love rooming it for free. I love free. AND Yeah..Coldstone is more expensive.
Beer is sold in mostly all of our convienent and grocery stores here. The law is Sun-Fri night till midnight and Sat. night till 1 am. Just gives us all an extra hour to get stupid. We do it too. Liquor stores close at 9 pm though. Who needs liquor anyway?!

Becky said...

I'm here in the northern part of virgnia, shenandoah valley area. Back in SC you couldn't buy beer on sundays at all. Granted I never went to buy beer past midnight... So I never knew that was a law. I am actually pretty damn surprised to hear that in jersey you don't have beer in grocery stores, I wonder how many states are like that. Then again, I'm a member of the GRITS (girl raised in the south)