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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Yeah its over!

Oh man, its finally over; the holidays and my damn cold. Well most of it anyway! I have soooo much to do and an overwhelming since of dreed. I really need to start making a list and checking things off as I do them. Somethings just never seem to get done. The front closet needs to be organized, the desk needs to get moved, cloths are always going from one pile to another, skool work seems to be getting done later and later, and on and on and on. I sometimes wish I had a personal assistant to help me with managing my time. It isnt the need for more time, its using the time you have wisely. Which I really seem incapable of doing. But I will not give up, I do not have any resolutions, because I never follow through with them, but what I have is "I am going to get this done today list"

On my to do list I have:

1) Blog

2) Get living room, dinning room and kitchen cleaned

3) Laundry put away

4) Look in the closet of doom.

I did not say I was going to do anything but look in the closet, but that is better than what I have been doing to it.....adding shit upon shit!

That is my list and lets see what I can get done of it. So far the blog part is done but that really isnt all that productive lol. Me and the wife finaly weather proofed the babies room, it was on the list for sometime and it got me thinking, we really just need to start doing now. We have become some what complacent with how things are and letting these little projects pile up too much. Before you know those little side projects have become a full scale mountain! I have my list and lets see how it goes.......

But unitl them let me just through out some pictures from over the past few weeks so I can return to my work to do list.

This was from a little field trip my wife took with the older one.

The before picture, evidence A

The Before picture, Evidince B

Cheese showing us all how to properly open a wraped present.

Again proper technique and Mr.NoNo's showing us that stretching is very important before any type of activity.

This was me and my new PSP -Side note I am never shopping at Wal-Mart ever again.....But that is for another post.

This thing scared the crap out of me the day someone gave it to us. I think its still in the closet.

He loved his action figures!

And she loved her new Nintideo DS, she also got Guitar Hero III. And now was battle out our differences on the stage!

And this is the 'After' picture. Looks like the tree just vomitted all of the presents into the living room.

But even though the holidays are over I thought a blast from xmass gone past would help everyone come down and detox a little easier. Here is an ad i am sure that he regreted for years to come. HoHoHo everyone, nothing says happy holidays like a box of cancer sticks!

Thanks Ronnie for the smokes and thanks Nancy for the 'Just Say No' ads. Because we all know the number one killer in the United States is weed!


captain corky said...

LOL Great Reagan poster! I should try making lists. My wife makes lists for her lists, but she's pretty productive.

Travis Erwin said...

That after pic is scary. But I can realte. It took me two weeks to get a handle on all the trash generated by Christmas.

Prunella Jones said...

Looks like everyone had fun and that's what Xmas is for, right? Well that and fighting the giant, killer, man-eating, alien tarantulas that always pop up in late December.

Whew, I'm so glad the holidays are over.

Martini said...

Ooooh, I'm all excited to hear what's in the closet of doom! Could be a Halloween post?

Sudiegirl said...

great pics and I'm swipin' the Reagan one.

Samantha said...

We got Guitar Hero 3 as well, it's fantastic!

Becky said...

Damn Cheese is getting big fast! How old is he now? It seems like just yesterday you were writing about wifey being pregnant.

All the decorations are taken down and have been put back into the attic, what a sad time of year. School starts back and christmas is a year away again!

cher said...

i laughed my ass off at that ronald ad. way too funny.

looks like you had a great christmas.

you should put help cher get through her to do list on your list.

Mara said...

Yeah -

That's about the way our living room looked. Good God.

It was especially nice when my step-son put the new puppy in a large box of packing peanuts that subsequently blew up like the atom bomb all over the hallway.... argh.

Good to see you again.


cher said...

is it wrong that i clicked on your pic so i could stare at your package?

cher said...

actually, that was probably ok. but coming back to do it again was definately wrong.

honkeie2 said...

Corky: if I were anymore productive I would have to open a baby farm.

erwin: I recycled all the wrapping paper, I will not need any TP for a while!

Jones: No spiders but I always ge the d.t.'s and see pink bats..

marini: it is coming, i swear!

sudie: swipe away, I share all my toys

samantha: I love this freakin game!

becky: he is a little over a year old now, to get his exact age you will have to ask the wife lol.

cher: what would you like me to help you with? I am not all that handy with tools and i dont work well with sharp objects.

mara: but I bet he thought it was funny as hell!

cher: cum as often as you like I am here to everyones I am off to see what the hell you are talking about HAHA!

cher said...

oh, um...hi! haha..this is kind of embarrassing meeting you back here again... i'm juuuust going to exit out of here and pretend this didn't, again.

cher said...

i think i'm lost

cher said...

we simply must stop meeting like this.