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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mr. Beer: Try # 2---

My mom got me a Mr.Beer for this past Xmass. I already had one that I bought at Target from some time was on sale, orange stickers people come on now! And I thought, hey lets try again. My first attempt did not turn out as well as I had hoped, but I think I was just a little to impatent and screwed a few of the steps up. So this time I tried to do it slowly and by the book as possible. One of my biggest mistakes last time was I did not sanitize things as well as I should have. I am not saying it was dirty but a little bit of bacteria can ruin it all.

So I cleaned all my surfaces and got to work. It really did not take much time to get everything into the keg.

But I did come across a very unusual problem. If you look closely you can see the whole that the tap goes into. Well, the keg my mom bought me was defective, the whole was too small. Now being a man small holes are often what we want, you know.....more friction hehehehehe. But here a smaller hole is not a good thing. I could not get the damn tap thing to go in, typical man cannt get it in without help. Well, I was tempted to pull out the old drill and make it bigger but I thought better of that. And since I still had my old one I cleaned it out and used that one. I later called Mr. Beer and told them about it and they sent me a new one, without any problems. I love this company!

So I got the sticky worth in the key and put it in the basement. I have to keep it somewhere it wont get to cold and will not be harassed my someone looking like this:

Or this:

The only person who should be touching it is someone who looks like this!

The instructions said to let it stay for at least 2 weeks but I have now had it down there for 3 weeks. They said there was nothing wrong with letting it set for longer, and that actually doing so will be better. I now have my bottles, the caps and the sugar, I will be going to the next step this weekend. Then it will be another 2 weeks before I can drink it, but that is ok. I just want it to fuking work damn it!
I have always wanted to make my own brew, this is more of the retard prove way but someday i would love to go pro.....does anyone know how to make real home brew?


The T-Dude said...

To quote a great American:

Hmmmmmmm. Beer.

Becky said...

Fuck that sounds like fun! Now I know what to get my alcoholic brother for his birthday.

guttergirl said...

I thought it was funny that Mr. Beer was placed on the high chair. It looked like it was waiting for Cheese to take a drink from it. Hee hee.

Martini said...

That is really awesome! The keg is just so damn... cute. Is a guy allowed to say that? Hmm.

phishez_rule said...

What a cute little beer can!

Wait... Is that supposed to be a keg?

morbid misanthrope said...

What a coincidence. I'm brewing something similar in my shower: a new pancreas. It's this great kit I bought out of the back of a UFO magazine. Within a few months, thanks to this strange mixture of powders and liquids that came with the kit, I should have my very own, homemade pancreas, undulating away in an unctuous pool of godknowswhat that's stinking up my shower. If it works out, I'll be able to drink booze again, in which case, maybe I'll try making my own beer as well.

cher said...

man your kids are cute.
can't wait to hear how it turns out!
i've never made any at home, but i have done the Ubrew thing...where you just go bottle it.
loved that was on the chair. looks like you could have used the bib that's under it in the photo of you below ;)

prettykitty said...

the only person i know that can make a real home brew are the guiness' from ireland. their beer is more like a manwich that is more like a meal!

all this talk of beer is making me THIRSTY!!

Mimi said...

Saw the new tat, looks good. Hubby wants more. It's been almost a year since his first. He's due. Your kiddies look so cute. I sometimes miss mine being that young, but most of the time I thank goodness that they aren't, lol.