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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My first Hump Day post in a while


I found this in photobucket when looking up 'hump day' and could not stop laughing at it. It even looks like he has his paws are around the Pink Panthers neck. Grind away my doggie sex offender, grind away!

Well we have been in our place now for almost 4 weeks and we could not be happier. We are still trying to get organized and I am still in ah(sp) of how much SHIT we have. I saw this show the other day where these people come to your house and help you get rid of your clutter. I am in shock to the level of shit these people have in their houses.

I know the longer we live the more we collect and it is easy to get buried by your memories. I do not want to be one of those weird old people that refuse to throw away things because it has a memory attached to it. Now, I know there are somethings we feel very strongly about and maybe it does have some personal value. But when you keep a shit Oldsmobile in your drive way for 3 years, undriven, because your grandmother gave it to you.....come on. This was ridiculous! This grown man was having a titty because they were going to sell this giant paper weight that was darking his driveway. These things are nothing but that, things. My mom told me some years ago not to buy her anymore dust collectors for any reason. Needless to say buying my mom anything for birthdays and chirstmass and mothers day is a real chore. But I know where she is coming from. And as I go through my stuff I realize I am on my way to being just like these people. Comic books from my youth, collectables and memory boxes full of stuff. I am giving myself a time period of one year to get these memory boxes into an album or I am going to just chuck it. If it means that much to me I had better get cracking. An album (re-arrange those letter a little and you get 'anal bum' haha) takes less space than a box does and it is easier to look through and relive the old days. Rather than have boxes and boxes full of old movie tickets, concert stubs, guitar pics and other life collections.

Our shit closet is almost filled, and I know we are not yet settled, but the moment I get a moment I am going to go through this closet hell bent of throwing most of it away. One rule I can go by, if you have not used it in a year the odds are you are not. How many people out there have exercise equipment that they are 'going' to use, that has turned into a towel rack? Yes it cost a pretty penny when you bought it but get real, it is time to let it go. I have a few things that I keep saying I am going to use. And if i have not used them by the time I get to this closet, it will be on ebay for $5 or out on the curb on big garbage day.

And now with our new HP computer I am going to start shipping shit out on ebay. I am not even going to ask alot of money, I see so many peopel at garage sells and ebay trying to get top dollar for used shit. I am sorry, a bowflex might have set you back a few G's back when you bought it but it is now .....What 4 years old, the seats are worn from all the wet towels you laid on it, the pullies have dry rotted because it was used to dry beef jerky and the leg extention smells funny from the numerous times your dog thought it looked like a female hump toy. And to be honest I would probably take it off your hands for a good price but there is no way in hell I would pay top dollar for it. Good conditon is good and fair conditon is fair, these tiles are not 'Never used, still in the box, never been opened' condition. People always have high hopes when it comes to selling their own stuff but lets get real, its used shit you dont want. And most people looking on ebay know this. I troll through once in while and look, hell this is where I got my washer and dryer. They are in near perfect condition, used and working. I paid noooo where near out of the box price, and I did have to travel to pick them up. But it was well worth the pain.

I am now off to work like a mad man! I ton of shit to do and only have 14 hours to do it in!

(good god this is hot!)


Jenny! said...

Hump days rock...mine are usally not limited to Wednesday though! And that dog...has got skillz...he knows how ot choke a woman!

honkeie2 said...

I take this as a sign you partake in a gasper lifestyle haha

Nikky said...

It's my last hump day without a hump! And that second picture reminded me to find my little red one that matches the style shown there...I'll want to wear that tomorrow...for a minute!

Thanks for the visual post-it note!

Jenny! said...

No, I really like dogs!

honkeie2 said...

ah ha good cover lol

Martini said...

There's some dude at work who throws all his newspapers in his backyard. He has no grass. Just mud and newspapers. When it rains his entire neighbourhood reeks of a pulp & paper mill. Ever smelled that? It's almost worse than a dead body. Don't ask how I know that.

Jenny! said...

What, you don't believe me??? Crazy man...that dog is hot...and he knows how to choke!

morbid misanthrope said...

Forget about Bowflex. Everyone knows real men only use free weights. And by free weights I mean big rocks and fallen tree trunks with bee hives in them.

Becky said...

It's a mini doberman, how cute! Good luck with the rest of your settling.

Samantha said...

Ebay sucks ass but it's so addictive!

phishez_rule said...

I love that first pic/animation/whatever. Its frigging glorious. But the second one is ohso sexy.

Mummy B said...

its almost hynotic....I can't stop watching the horny dog....I just can't! omg!