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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It has finally happened....

Well for one I have broken my 3rd threshold of tens. First I turned 11 and broke through the year 10, good times. Then I hit 21 ripping the 20th a new, more good times. And now I busted the hymen of the 30's, more good times to cum. As of Monday I am offically 31 and to mark the day as another day I have done something manly. I have successfully hooked up our washer and dyer. Gas dryer to boot hahah, take that 60bucks an hour plummer. Yes it took me 2 trips to the hardware store and I bruised my knuckle on the concret floor but I am man and I am victorious.

My first manly thing was about 2 weeks ago when I changed my own oil in my new car. I did it in my old car but I had help, but this time I went all Han Solo! And yes I got a few burn marks on me, oil all over me and it took me a while to relaize I had been turning the nut the wrong way ( lefty loosy righty tighty failed me) but in the end I stood up Captain Morgan style and celebrated! By exfoliationg my hands and scrubing the shit out of myself to get the nasties away but, but I was manly for a second.

We are moved into our new home, some what and getting used to the silence. But there is nothing better than the feeling of coming home and knowing that you are in your own home. And that you can walk around naked and no one will care. When the doors are closed and the window blinds down we are all a family of nudiest, but I do put down a towle when I sit on the couch-ass sweat is just nasty.

Work and skool are not working as one anymore. Work has become even more challenging so doing skool work at work is almost impossible now. But I do sneak it in, I have to it is the only place I have that is quiet. Along with more money comes more work, just as well but I now have to find new time for skool.

I know I am rambling but my time is limited and I have to get it all out fast, like having the green apple splatters during a marathon race. Just got to get it out fast and hit the ground running.

I won a day out in NYC thanks to the New York Post, I will be going out to the Body Expo show at some museum I have for gotten about. I am not even sure about the name of the show, but I won and I am getting a limo roide out there, spending money, vip passes to the show and dinner on their dime. Fuck yeah I am that good. And yes I will have pictures, after the 18th that is when I reap my rewards haha.

Now I am off the do battle with work. Happy Hump day people and herer are couple of humday inspired pics:
1) Joe Camels lucky day
2) Hmmmmm chubby chicks!
3) This has nothing to do with 'Humpday' I just thought it was interesting.


Nikky said...

Congrats on the dryer hookup, I've done those, they're a real pain in the ass!
Dont give up on skool, just shuffle stuff, it'll still fit, it's too important to give up!
so will you be posting pics of your house? Perhaps on a Thursday, for HNT?

Jenny! said...

"get the nasties" that could be manly if you use it in a different next to the chubby chick!

Martini said...

Two big thumbs up on the dryer install. Or... two fingers in a jar of formaldehyde.

morbid misanthrope said...

Putting in the washer and dryer yourself is pretty damn manly. Unfortunately, I'm not really mechanically inclined. That's why I live in a cave and use cougar skulls to kill bears just because I think it's funny.

honkeie2 said...

nikky: I am still trying to juggle everything...HNT might have to wait until friday lol

jenny: haha, mabye I should have said,' washed my hands with molten lava to get the shit off me, grrrrr.' But I'd like to put some nasties on that chubby, even though it is only a cartoon haha.

martini: got to watch those power tools, they kill more ppl than guns do.

Morbid: I like to use weasle skulls as cereal bowls myself.

Jenny! said...

Happy Birtday by the way...I got distracted by the big fake ass! said...

You seem like a manly sort of guy. Now if you start obsessing over a skin care products line, we'll worry.

guttergirl said...

Happy Birthday Old Man! Okay, you are still younger than me but still.
Congrats on the dryer hook up and the prize. Looking forward to the pictures.

Desi said...

Happy late b day!!!! and can we go back to before hump day because man my week has been :S and I work all weekend! But to make your day a little better I did a bit of tat with tit just for you :P and if putting in a washer and dryer is manly, man I need to work on my feminity that or my ex needs to work on his manliness lol

Carie said...

congrats on being all manly and hooking everything up and changing your oil :) lol here in my house I guess I am the manly one (so sad)

it was hard when I worked and went to school to...and then trying to juggle in good family time, man it drained me, but its all worth it in the end :)

and Happy Birthday, I am 31 also...and my daughter is going to be a teenager in a few days...31 feels so old when your baby is a teen lol

Samantha said...

I've been living here for a month now and I finally got some drawers now, yeah! I didn't put em together of course, the men did that whilst I skived off work and slept. Moving still sucks!

Becky said...

You old son of a bitch you! Congrats on the new house, it's a great feeling to own your own house and hav the right to walk around naked whenever you want! Make sure the blinds are closed even if you live in the woods!

K said...

A belated happy birthday!!! :)