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Saturday, August 08, 2015

Living the Orange Life Part II

During my time in the Orange Life I took pictures of the things I saw on a regular basis. A job is what you make of it and working in the lot was not always the best place, it was hot and people were always trying to get me to tie enormous items on top of their Ford Focus. I had fun with this job on a regular basis, and here are some of the pictures I took to share with everyone:

1) This is a business that you pay someone to make friends for you.....not some financial planning business but I got a laugh out of what I first thought it was lol

 2) As most people know HD have sheds outside as demos of services they offer, and this is what happens when we forgot to lock the door. I do feel bad for those who are homeless and in need, but this not the place to crash out.

 3) This is his ride, I actually had numerous conversations with this guy. He has an HD credit card and would come in from time to time to pay his bills. He would do odd jobs here and there to make money and did not look homeless. I was never mean or nasty about asking him to move along, he was always polite and would leave when asked. And to be honest most of the time I just looked the other way, it was only when management came out and gave me barking orders did I actually approach him. After all, most of the time he was a customer.
 4) Every month HD has work shops for women, men and children. Below we have my kids at one of the kid workshops. I have since left the Orange Life but we still stop in from time to time to visit some of the amazing friends I made during my time.


Julie H said...

I think if I was homeless I'd pick there to sleep too lol. Amazing that he had a credit card. Goes to show he probably came from a better place.

honkeie said...

I talked to him often, I got the feeling he had his shit together once upon a time. I never figured out what happened to him but I am still curious as to his life story. He truely taught me to never judge to quickly