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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Where to start......again.....

It is the time again to try and come back to a place I used to have soo much fun with. I have changed jobs numerous times and have finally landed in good place. I never revel the place I am currently working, for obvious reasons but I would like to do a recap on a job that I had during my short stay as a single man in San Jose,CA.

Not really single but I was alone lol.

 Home Depot Part I

I worked at Home Depot as a lot attendant, you know the guy that loads your car and gets carts. It was not the highest paying job but it was a fun job. I would like to share with those that are still around and any new people some of the pictures and experiences while living the Orange Life.
I am not going to tell you the secrets of the Orange Life....because there aren't any lol. It was just a retail job with all the retail issues, and for those of you who know what that have my sympathy.

I would like to share my times in the orange apron in comments and pictures of all that befell me:

1) They make keys, and one of them is the key to your back door....wink wink

 2) Where did they get this time capsule of a stock photo of this girl and this TV?

 3) While out in the lot you find all kinds of things in carts, here I found a fully frozen deli style chicken breast. I was tempted to take it home but I am not that brave lol

 4) As a lot attendant we have to clear the lot of all garbage, some of which cannot just get dumped. You see, people are shits and they use the Home Depot parking lot as a place to dump their garbage they do not want to dispose of properly. It is illegal, and its called dumping. Here we have about 18 empty boxes of cooking oil that was graciously left by some asshat restaurant owners. Home Depot now has to properly dispose of these items, and yes they will call the cops and press charges if they catch you.

 5) A regular occurrence in the lot is that we would find evidence of people doing the nasty in the parking lot. I know its all exciting and all but come on, dont litter!

 6) The Depot was full of McGuiver-ish stuff and useful things if the zombie apocalypse comes to pass. And this will be one of the first things I will grab. It is an all over bad ass tool, I soo need to stop by and pick it up!

 I have more to share, this is just part one of a four or five part blog post. I was a huge blogging freak and I want to do it again. I am in a stable place once again and I can make the time to blog! So lets start this weekend off with a bang with my usual drivel! And in my usual fashion I want to end my post with something personal....... Say hello to Benny, we have had him a year and a half and he is still scared shitless of everything. Probably has to do with the fact he is the size of a Costco hot dog lol

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Julie H said...

My dog is like 65 pounds and he's afraid of everything too!

One time we did a river bank clean up with girl scouts and that is apparently where everyone goes to have sex too.