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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Home Depot Part IV

My time in the Orange life was short lived by the characters that I came across will stay with me forever and the memories I made will forever be part of the stories I tell after a few beers. Of the many people I came across the ones that tried to return home with their over sized purchases in small vehicles never fail to make me laugh. Like the guy trying with all his might to put a hot water heater in his hatch back or the guy putting 12 foot PVC piping through the sunroof of his nice BMW. 

Here we have a guy that came to the Depot on his motorcycle about bought some long wooden boards. He said this was not the first time he had done this so we did as we were instructed and taped it to his body. I am not sure if he made it home in one piece but I do know that I had to take a picture of it! 

In the lot I was always finding some of the strangest things, especially if I was the one opening in the morning. I do not know what went down that night but some choices were made in the parking lot that night lol

Guess who I found in the cooler.....and no I did not buy it....they cannot buy me with their marketing ploys!

Other things found in the lot, animals. Mainly birds and stinky humans. This little guy was just chilling by the front door. I was not sure if he was injured or what but he was not going to live very long sitting in the main walk way. I took him outside and put him in the bushes, I do not know what came of him but I can say I never found a dead bird that resembled this guy.

This well trained dog was sitting in the car while his owner went in to buy something. He did not bark, move or try to get out. It was like he thought he was a person just chilling in the car. I would probably not been to surprised if he just starting talking like a human......not a bit surprised....

So far I have been doing well with my blogging, I have one more short post and then I am all done with my Home Depot pictures. There are times I miss working there and I do miss the extra money but I love my time I spent with my family and friends more. I missed out on many outings because I had to work, we did need the money but I feel that we will always need the money and that once you miss out on something, you missed out.
Take care of the things that matter the most, time well spent with those you would miss if they were not around. Bills will never go away and the more you have the more you want. Just be happy and if you do have to work multiple jobs to make ends meet, do not worry. I know it is hard but some day things will be better and good things come to those that work for them. Work hard, play hard and live hard.

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Hammy said...

The more bills I have the less I want.