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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hooooray Something to Bitch About....

Yesterday we had our first practise of the season.....well the first practise I was made aware of, anyway. You see the coach only got my email address from the youth league a few days ago so until then he was not able to contact me. This was typical of this league and just part of the reason I am not coaching. You see this youth league is very, very unorganized. Just to the point that I refuse to coach, sure I will help out in other ways but do not ask me to do anything that might involve planning. Work the kitchen, help clean the field or whatever tasks might be needed for the field itself; no problem. Let me count the ways (from last year) of why I am not getting involved:

  • Once I said I would coach I was given a team....oh wait not that one.....oh wait this one is not good you can have this one. I felt like I was just given the team no one else wanted. The kids were great the parents were not toooo bad but still.....has anyone ever heard of the 'Muck Dogs' ?

  • On opening day, which a they do a parade to the field we use, I had not received anything about the 'cheese cake sale'. This is the fund raiser they do to raise money for the league. But mind you I saw everyone else there with packets handing them out. I had to chase down someone to get mine. This was also the day I had to chase someone down to get my equipment bag.

  • Game days and practise were not all that problematic, there were a few snags here and there, but that is life. But the team moms did seem to have some problems with knowing who did kitchen duty and who did not. And even though my wife made it very clear about how it worked, our idea of clean was not everyone else's definition of clear.

  • When the season was over I was told I could drop off the equipment at the field. Well, I tried to return the gear they gave on three occasions and each time they told me to hold on to it until someone contacted me. No one called, and each time I tried to return it they told me that they did not want to get everything mixed up and just to wait. Well I still have all the gear I was given last year on the porch. And if they do not contact me by the end of this season about it I am claiming it as mine. Not that I really want it but I have kept this stuff safe for them for a year now and it seems they do not want it back. I am almost tempted to label this post with the name of the league just to see if anyone contacts me about this post.....but I probably wont. I don't want to make it toooo easy for them haha.
But I must say it did feel strange not being on the field being the one telling the kids: 'Stop playing with the dirt' 'Keep your eye on the ball' 'Ok, heads up and gloves down' I was just another parent on the side lines watching and freezing my ass off. This will be our third season with this league and my first not being on the field with the kids. I do feel bad about it but my nerves are not willing to do that again. I will practise with Seth on our own but as for the actual coaching, I am leaving that up to someone else. CellPhone picture from yesterday:

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