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Thursday, October 25, 2007

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I have a halloween party coming up and it is the first one I have been to in YEARS! I love halloween, it is my favorite holiday and I have dressed up every year since I was like 4. There has not been a year that I did not. I have bought al kinds of werid things in honor of this last remaining pegan holiday that the catho-holics have yet to burn at the stake. I am not even sure if it is a real pegan holiday but I think of as one. Just like I see christmass as one and easter and any other holiday that has hallmark cards and werid statues that resemble anything that is not God alone. And you know what I am talking about.....all saints day, santa clause, the easter bunny, hannaka harry, the day of the dead...another fun holiday....and so on....but I am not about to rant about religon today I dont have the energy.

I have my costume all set, the wives and the babies. The wife and I wanted to go as something that we could all work as a family but we could not find anything that we liked. The wife and I are going as pirates and the kids are going as Darth Vader and yoda. So cutie I could vomit! But like I said this is the first party I have been to in a while. To many ppl out grown halloween to fast and no one wants to be a kid like I do. But I might have found someone, who is actually older than me who still think they are teenagers. I hope all works out, I have to keep the drinking to a normal level. I go insane and I might not get invited back lol. Pirate or not I still have to go home with my wife haha!

I looked up a few pics of other ppl halloween costumes, and even have a few of me and the misses in our costumes.

1) I am not sure what he is but I love original ideas.....I think he is the purple teetubie.

2) This is actually a pretty cool idea, now all that is missing is a guy dressed as a cat trippin on shrooms.

3) i am not a huge Insane clown fan but I love it when children wear their make up. Makes the evil in me smile a little each time.

4) Like with the rest of this pics I found this one on photobucket.....and I am not going to touch it with a ten foot pole, but it is funny! ANd if you dont think so, eat shit and die muahahahah.

5) Almost all of the adult costumes were of the 'Adult' material. I felt like I away at the Video eXtra store but with alot more children running around. I wanted the wife to buy a few outfits for a little trick or treatin in the bedroom. "Trick or Treat put me in heat, give me some muff to eat, if you dont I dont care I just fuk u until I start a fire down there!"

6) Sexy outfits + booze = hot chicks bumping and grinding. Then passing out and wondering why their butts are soar.......just keep telling yourself you fell down some stairs. I made your mom fell better.

7) But also what I love about Halloween is that this is the time of the year trashy ppl can get their daughters ready for the work force as strippers/hookers. It will get them used to the idea of looking trashy and thinking its normal. We need stippers just as much as we need doctors and lawyers. Dont get me wrong, I know its just pretened. Thats the same line Michael Jackson used on his little friends!

But I am out of time again....but here is the little woman an me in our halloween costumes. This was our dry run, I have more accessories and a beard. I have been growing my facial hair since last week. My facial hair is red so it will match nicely lol.


Steph said...

I'm going to a Halloween party too this year and the whole 'What to wear' dilemma is just so stressful!!

honkeie2 said...

Steph: Women have it easy, just show up in your underwear...instant costume. And when asked what you are all you have to say is 'Ready to Fuc*' and bamb! Free drinks all night! Being a woman must be cool at times lol.

Anonymous said...

I will be Dorothy from the wizard of oz... I think...

I didn't realize this... but I guess guys fantasize about her too... who DON'T they fantasize about?

try going to a halloween story and find a costume for a kid... I find it incredibly funny how very little they have for children and how very much they have for whores... it's crazy.

kiki said...

i'm going to my first ever halloween party this year (my gf is canadian). we're even cutting pumpkins and all.

i don't know if i'm excited or curious. mostly a combination of the two

that KKK pic bought back some fond memories. a last year i went to a 'bad taste' party. some of the get-up was truly hilarious. especially the one black guy dressed in KKK

BottleBlonde said...

As a practicing Catho-holic, I hereby relegate you to the preist's office for some spankings, you dirty little pagan!

You and the wifey look splendid in your costumes.

morbid misanthrope said...

Wasn't the pagan holiday of Halloween originally meant to commemorate when Pan, the goat god, farted the first five notes of Beethoven's Fur Elise into his flute, thus inventing classical music? I can never remember all that pagan shit, which is one of the reasons I'm not a druid ... or a Catholic.

Samantha said...

I'm away this year for Halloween, staying with my aunt and cousins (who are demons in disguise) so hopefully I get to do some trick or treating! Yeay!

Martini said...

ARrrrr matey, sweet costume! Pic #4 nearly made me piss my pants. Hilarious. You've summed up everything great about Halloween here! Three cheers!

guttergirl said...

Happy Halloween!
Between work and school, I haven't had time for a costume, but my favorite was always the pregnant nun with the sign that says "The Devil made me do it"

phishez_rule said...

Trick or Treat put me in heat, give me some muff to eat, if you dont I dont care I just fuk u until I start a fire down there!

LOL. Maybe I should text that to someone with a huge dick.

Martini said...

Heeeey! How'd your Halloween go dude? Scare the bejesus out of anyone?

Becky said...

This is my first year that I didn't dress up... 8-(

prettykitty said...

i love how the options for dudes are pirate, humorous or scary, while women have the option of being a slutty nun, slutty nurse or slutty slut.

by the by, this year i went as a slutty cat and i didn't even need a costume. meow!

cher said...

this post completely rocked

Anonymous said...

You look like you are shooting your wife in the tummy in that last photo!

I hope you had the BESTest time Honkeie - I would love to go to a real American, traditional Halloween party.

Nobody [sob] that I know in this place has them.... and my breasts would look so good in a wench's dress.

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cher said...

and rolled

Becky said...


cher said...

dude, i totally used my home gym yesterday for the first time in ages. i thought of you as i blew the dust off before after i hung up all the coats.