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Saturday, July 09, 2005

I stopped at this little road side attraction in my travels.

It was an Indian tradingpost with all kinds of home made items. These two wood carvings greeted you as you enterd. Notice the assortment of tourist trap pamphlets to her left.

I really wanted to buy some fireworks but I would not be able to use them, living in Jersey and all! In the back you could watch a real native working their wares. And as you can see they have won all kinds of ribbons for their various talents.

The tee-pee was semi-realistic from afar. but apon closer inspection.....

It was not very traditionaly built. But still it was pretty cool!

Outside one could get some icecream from "custards last stand". if you look closely one you can see the arrows all over the stands. Funny on severel levels. :-D

And as you leave they gave you a good old southern Y'ALL !

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