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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Screw Motel 6 Part Duex

Well to my surprise I got a letter back from the corporate office of Motel 6, and needless to say it was not much better than the actual encounter I had with the front desk clerks in San Jose. It seems like this place is run by some less that college material people. And to be honest this policy is chasing away some serious clientele, I mean what man is going to rent a room to bang his mistress if both parties have to show ID?!?! Come on now lets get real here; this is a Motel 6 in a funky part of town, a block away from a liquor store, a Chucky Cheese and a head shop ( AKA bong world)! Who are you trying to fool?
But anyway here is the letter I received from the office of Motel 6:

July 18, 2013
Mr. Honkeie
None of your damn business where I live
San Jose, CA

Dear Mr. Honkeie
We appreciate your feedback regarding your recent experience at
our Motel 6 property in San Jose S, California.
For the safety and security of our guests and employees, our
Corporate Safety and Security Department requires the registering
guest to present positive identification (ID). This is a standard policy at
Motel 6 locations nationwide. However, due to local ordinances or in
cooperation with local government, some of our properties may be
required to photocopy the ID presented. In this instance, the photo copy
of the ID is locked and secured for five (5) years, after which time the
copy is destroyed. The general manager is the only individual with
access to the copy.
I have forwarded a copy of your comments to the Regional
Management Team and our Corporate Safety and Security Department.
In an effort to bring consistency at all of our properties with regard to
our ID policy, both teams have reviewed the statute and are working
together so that all our properties will conform with the law accordingly.
Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may have
caused you. As a valued guest we respect your opinion and are most
appreciative of your views. We hope you will continue to consider Motel
6 your preferred choice for future lodging.
Ken Kincaid
Guest Relations Specialist Report:1025582

And here is my response to that letter:

Thank you for getting back to me so promptly, but in ending this communication all I have to say about this policy is that it is very open ended.

What I mean by this, is that the sign at the motel I was at said ALL guest must show ID and now this letter states that 'registering guest to present positive identification'. This is such a vague policy that one has to ask the questions; Who does ALL refer to and to whom does the registering guest apply to? Do children under 18 that normally do not have ID's have to show proof and does registering guest mean the person with the reservation or everyone in their party?
I have written numerous policies for several different companies that I have worked for and this is not a well thought out policy, and if one were to really dig I think you are opening yourself up to possible legal action. I myself am not looking to do that, I am just saying that:

1) The employees at this particular Motel 6 were not clear on what the policy standards were and even seemed to ad lib answers to my questions as the conversation went into the exacts of this policy.

2) That the policy is very ambiguous and too open for question.

I am not the smartest man on the planet but when people start telling me the rules of an establishment it had better be consistent and on point. And this was not the case with Motel 6. I mean I could have gone all lawyer crazy with this and cry discrimination, but I do not have an ethic bone in my body. Well I guess I could say it was because my great grandmother was a Native American or that its because I am part Irish............but I am not sure that would have worked in this media frenzy of ethic inequality. But then again one of my guest that day is Jewish and the other one is from Trinidad. And in all honesty I could see someone using this very policy to discriminate against people they do not want staying at their establishment. I could be wrong it could another way to safeguard the public from themselves, or just another BS tactic to make the everyday person feel like a criminal.

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Martini said...

Wow! There is no way in hell I'd let them photocopy my ID and keep it! I will not be staying at a Motel 6 ever, if that is the case.

On a slightly related (customer service) note, I returned a defective product (under full warranty) today and they refused to give me a new warranty on the new product. I said I'd rather return the defective one and buy a new one for the full warranty. She then told me that's dishonest. I said, "How is returning a defective product dishonest?" She didn't know what to say. F*ckers.