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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

That much closer to being a man....

I can now scratch off plugging my own tire to the list of things I have to do before becoming 'MANLY'. I have mastered the art of changing tires, jump starting a car battery and even changed my own oil. Yeah I am that cool.

Well anyway, for the past week i have been putting air in one of my back tires. It isnt dead yet, it still has some tread left so it wasnt ready to go. And I am not ready to shell out another $89 for a new tire! So I did what real men do, I went to Walmart (only because Target did not carry them) and bought a tire plugging kit. In the past my neighbor would do this for me, he has a garage full of tools and even a huge air compressor. So filling the tire was fast and easy. I have an air compressor as well but it is one of those plug in types that is loud as hell, but just as good. So with my new found manly juices flowing I head home to get my hands dirty, I was stoked.

I get the tire off with no problem, looked about until I found the whole that needed a plug and found it! But was not sure to what it was, it had a head like a screw but it did not have the star opening in the center like other screws I was used to seeing. And it was thicker than the last screw that was removed from my tire. But I was not hampered by this, I am man and I can get it out.

Well, after about 20 minutes and 3 different tools later I finally get it out! It turned out to be a damn drill bit! I had to pry it out with a fucking flat head screw driver! It was in the tire deep, and the moment I got it out all the air came whooshing out. I almost did a crazed man dance around the tire singing, " I got you I got you, you dirty little bastard, I got you Now what huh huh now what I got you!'

But I kept my manly composure and went to the next step, plugging the tire. Which only took about 5 minutes. I took the tire in the house, because my air compressor needs to be plugged in and where I was parked was way to far to try running a cord to. I put enough air in it to see if the plug was good and since it was I put the tire back on and drove down the street to the only gas station I know that has 'free air'. It is nice to see the word 'free' and it actually means free.

So in all it took me about 35 minutes and about $10 to save myself having to pay someone probably twice, or maybe even more, to fix my tire. And so far it has been 2 days since I did it and the air is still in the tire. And of course I had to take at least one picture of the beast that was causing me all this grief:

Now, next on the list of things I have to do before I can call myself a man: Do something with concrete......not sure what, just anything that requires me to have to go to Home Depot and buy a big heavy bag of concrete and rent a big manly, dirt encrusted mixer.

And now for something completely different:
I saw this the other day at Target and had to try it:

They are calling it 'throw back' as in they have gone back to the days of using sugar instead of that awesome nastiness we love to hate, high fructose corn syrup. And to be honest I did not like it. It did not have the over powering sweet kick that blows your taste buds right out of your mouth, we all know and love. I swear I did not taste anything Mountain Dew like, man do I want me some Code Red now.......Extreme!!!!!!!!!!!!
Woooo, ok I am back......but I was some what disappointed with it; but who could expect it to taste better than something that is 100 times sweeter than plane old sugar?

Also in other news I am back in school, I have class Tuesday ( two classes, starting at 6pm and ending at 10pm), Thursday and Saturday. I am only taking 3 classes this semester so lets see how it goes. The last semester I took 4 classes and it almost did me in! I am hoping that by taking one less it will keep the stress factor down a little. I will say that even with all of my bitching I did get awesome grades:
Math: B+
Computers: A-
Health: A
World Lit: A
The math had to have been the greatest miracle, I hate math with a passion and I am soo glad it is over with. I am now taking business management, history of art and a finance class this time around. I am just about done with all the completely useless classes so all that is left are the classes that pertain to my actual major. Each class I take and pass gets me that much closer to get the hell out of there.


Just telling it like it is said...

I'll have to give you an A+ for manliness. Now I am a girl that has been asked when re her balls going to drop but I refuse to do boy change a tires...that is why I flash the neighbor guy to do it for me...
Congrads on school!!!~

Martini said...

I had a Coke that was sweetened with something like brown sugar or molasses during my Florida vacation in Sept. It was, hands down, THE best coke I've ever had, possibly the best sody pop I've ever had. I can't understand how the mistake happened, and why Coke doesn't do it more regularly.

Mimi said...

Throwback dew is absolute crap. I am addicted to dew, which I have cut down on, but those damn headaches. I just tried throwback and wanted to throw it back.

Ranger Tom said...

As someone who is intimately involved in the sugar/molasses harvesting, refining and production of the stuff... I haul the stuff on my train... Keep buying it! I need the job!

And concrete and flat fixing are old had to me, but congrats on the testosterone infusion!

Carie said...

ohh no by your stanbdards I am a man lol...I can change a tire, change the oil, fix a flat with a plug, I can mix concrete (did a whole patio) and all that fun stuff lol...guess thats why they all call me a tomboy...doing the concrete work was so much fun lol, hope you get to work with it soon lol :)

Phat Mama said...

Reading about that tire pluggin' made me twitch and breathe hard. ;P

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I just took my car to the tire place and wasted 2 hours for them to plug my tire. It was free since I had the road hazard.

Hubby got the Pepsi one and it did taste totally different!