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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Originally uploaded by Phils Room.
This is a toliet we have here at my job. I am all for being as sanitary as the next person but I see no purpose for an automatic toliet. I hate this thing to be honest. It should only flush when you move away from the bowl but this one flushes and flushes seconds after you shit down. Now I have several problems with that.
One : you stand up with a wet bottom.
Two: I made it and I want to see it.
And three : What a waiste of water.
These things are here to help companies save money on the water bill but this one is all for flushing it away.
These auto everything do-dads are spoiling us. I have gone potty in a non-auto potty and wondered why the water did not come on when I put my hands under the faucet.
Hell I have even seen auto paper towel despensors. Though they can be fun to play with. You walk by it and it spits towles out at you over and over again. It is to laugh.
If anyone has seen Back to the Future III you might remeber the line, " you have to use your hands, that's childish." Some movies are like glimpses into the not so distant future somethimes. I am all for using your hands and touching the world. If we shy from germs too much our bodies never learn to fight off the bugs and become weak.
So fuk your anti-bacterial soap and your automatic toliet rooms. Grab life by the germ infested pay phone and give it a squezze!

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