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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dollar Shave Club

I went to the store the other day to buy some razors, I have been using the same one for like 3 months now and it is dull! I always go into to sticker shock when I see how much they want for the good ones. And you cannot get away with going cheap on razors, a lesson well learned. But I really do not have the money to cough up that much money every few months!
So while wondering about what to do I came across this on FB DollarShaveClub! Now I am not one to plug anything unless I have used and tried it, well I am a proud member and so far I am a huge fan. I cannot say if I will stay in the long run but so far so good!

This is what came in the mail a few days after I placed my order, well actually I do not remember how long it took but it was not that long. I was really excited to try and see if they held up to their own hype!

I could hardly contain myself! It was like an early Christmas present to myself!

Now the price had me a little apprehensive about what this razor was going to do to my face. I would not classify my skin as sensitive but cheap razors leave me looking like I got the crap slapped out of me!

So I put on my brave face and took the blade to the face! And in the end all came out well. The company says I should change the blades once a week, but I will see how long one cartridge will last me before I HAVE to change it.
So as you can see the Dollar Shave Club gets a well deserved thumbs up from me, lets see how they do in the long run. I do not think they give discounts for referrals but just in case if they ask tell them I sent you lol

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Martini said...

That's awesome. Their ads on Youtube are so unusual and tongue in cheek that I could never tell if it was real.