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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Chase.....

I am not sure if admitting to breaking driving laws openly will get me into trouble so I am going to do this in story telling mode....*so wink wink* This is just a fictitious story about a man named CN and his adventure with da man!

The Chase

CN was sitting in traffic when his cell phone went off, it was work again. He has been on this electric for almost 10 years now, and it is really starting to take its toll on his mental health.
"Hello CN speaking." He said with little to no emotion in his voice.
And just as he put the tool that is slowly giving him brain cancer to his ear, he saw the police car pass by him. Whatever the squawking employee was droning on about fell into the back ground as CN looked into the rear view mirror and saw the cop trying to pull a k-turn four cars back.
CN has seen this type of trick used more than once, the last time it ended with his car being towed and a ticket for 'unclear plates'. Which was contested and was thrown out; Cop one :Pissed off civilian one!
And this looked just like another one of those moments. Lets see what possible tickets CN could get:
Possible talking on cell phone while driving and a definite busted tail light.
But CN saw his ticket out, the light had turned green and the box truck in front of him was turning right. As he made the turn along with the truck he made his move, the street he was turning onto was a high bridge going over some train tacks; which would also play into his game. Now, it was late and the road he was on went one of two place, the main highway or the back poorly lit roads for the industrial side of town.
With less than 60 feet to make his move CN floored it, cut off the box truck just as they went over the bridge, banged a hard right that lead into the industrial side, killed all the light and slammed the pedal down as if he was aiming for the street! CN looked in his review mirror just as the cop cross the intersection heading toward the highway. He then turned the lights back on and eased up on the gas, he was coming up to a popular titty bar and there were always cops hanging out there. The last thing he wanted was a speeding ticket.
CN then turned off the main road and made his way back to the highway via the side streets. This was not unfamiliar territory to CN, the old cemetery, the refinery and the everyday blue color town was where he spent his jr. high years. There is no better way to learn the roads of a town than on a bicycle and this was where CN was.
Within minutes he was back on the highway obeying every single law that was ever written governing the rules of the police state in which he lived.

The Moral of the story, dont break traffic laws and never under estimate the power of a well thought out escape plan.

Now like I said this is just a fun story of CN and his brush with the law, and if you dont know who CN is then you dont know me very well. But Since I am in a good mood I will tell you......
CN is the greatest man known to man, he once explained sound to a deaf person! CN is Chuck Norris!


Martini said...

Love it! And you are SO RIGHT about the bicycle thing. Oh, and another lesson here - it pays to be observant.

Becky said...

Nice! Luckily where I live I can talk all I want!! That and I have the sync thing in my car so I just talk through my rear view mirror.