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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Vacation is over and now its back to work

What an awful title to a blog post! But sometimes the truth hurts lol. I am starting my first real week of my last YEAR IN COLLEGE! It is going to one hell of a year, but I know it will be over before I know it. So lets GET IT ON! Its on like Donkey Kong!

But Lets not talk about those nasty tid bits of life, even though some of the up coming bits of life do suck. But lets start with the good parts and talk about our weekend camping get away with the kids:

We packed up the kids and gear and headed off to Stokes State Forrest out in Branchville, NJ. It has always been the place to go when the camping bug bites us. It was the one of the first places I took my girlfriend, now wife, on vacation. It isn't really roughing it but it is enough for us lol.

Who wants something to eat from Dale's? Dale's market is always our last stop before we venture into the land of bugs, ticks and bears!

Here is our site, the only real problem with Stokes is that it is soooo damn rocky. You cannot really stake down a tent right, there isn't any dirt!

The whole trip consisted of us telling the kids to stop running, because we knew what was going to happen. And sure enough Lucas was the first to get first aid because of fall. It only stopped him for a few minutes though lol

This year we went with a lean-to instead of a tent. Note to self: Bring more padding for sleeping on and some industrial wasp/bug/spider spray! I did love the stove they had in there, its the same type I would love to have in my house someday.

This year we went with our neighbors, we were supposed to have lean-tos right next to each other but that one had some problems with hornets. Don't you just hate it when mother nature gets in the way?

The best part about camping? The FIRE! I don't know what it is about chopping wood and burning it, but god damn it I love doing it!

My mom gave us some farm fresh pork chops and sausage to take with us. And I must say that stuff was 100 time better than any meat I have ever bought at the supper market!

And the next best part: Smores and camp fire stories. I don't know where they got the idea from but they wanted scary stories by the campfire. They must have been watching the same show or something. So we all took turns trying to scare them, I told a pretty good one. But while the wife was telling hers I 'went out to pee' and crept up behind them and scared the bah-jesus out of them. Memories that will last a life time hahahaha

I do love camping but I sure did love the shower I took when I got home. But I must say this time around we did not over pack. I am bad at that, I always prepair for every possible thing. So I end up with soooo much damn crap that I spend more time packing and un packing than anything else. I did forget a few items but nothing major.

Things to remember for next trip:

  • Spatula, I had to use my butcher knife this time.

  • A big bucket, luck for us our neighbors remembered one

  • My tackle box, again lucky we went with other people

  • No rinse camp soap

  • Hornet spray

  • And make sure the first aid kit is well stocked with bandages, we used them all up this time around :-D


    Mom Taxi Julie said...

    Looks like fun! We have a ton of wasps/hornets around our house. They are horrible!

    Martini said...

    You are so right about the fire! The smell of the wood is exciting. A big beard is a great outdoors accessory to, in case you were wondering.