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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Back to Skool

Yep it is that time again, for myself and the kids. I actually started last Thursday but it was only one class. The kids started yesterday but have off today and tomorrow for the Jewish holiday of.......I have no idea but they have off school.

My first day back was nothing to even blog about, Human Sexuality, just some bs class I took because I registered late. I have class Monday-Thursday nights, again no biggie. I am just going into this semester and all following with a new mind set. I am not going to let this stress me out, it isnt a do or die situation its just skool. And to try and help me along with my new sense of being I started the first day off trying to let everyone know where I stand with my new out look on things:

I was in NYC a few weeks back and saw this tee shirt and I had to have it. It just screamed my name as I walked by it!

Now the kids school year has started off with the usual cluster fuck of chaos that is the Elizabeth Board of Education. I am sorry but they had months to plan for this day so there really isnt any excuse for the shit storm we walked into when we got to Seth's school.

There was absolutely nothing planned, nothing posted and any answer you got was usually contradicted two seconds after you got it. Normally I would not say I could have done better, but in this case I could have way better. Hell a drunken monkey with no arms could have done better.

No one knew what was going on, no one could tell us anything useful and the people receiving the beating was the teachers, that had no say in how it was handled. May people like to blame someone, anyone just so they can point the finger at some person responsible. But here I am not even sure whom to blame. I know the teachers are not to blame because they were handed the same information we got......yesterday. Which was much of nothing. I am not sure if I can blame the principle because he does not have as much control over the school as one would think, and I sure as hell cannt blame the politicians that do not even have a clue to where the schools are because all their kids go to private schools.

But whom ever is to blame for this really needs to be taken out and beaten in the public square. It is disgraceful and it happens every year. So we were not all that surprised but it is still a dilemma that could have been easily avoid by some simple, simple planning.

But it is over and the ball is now rolling, it is a new school year with new hope that a rocky start can end with an over all good year. It is now time for me to get my ball rolling on my school work so let me end this with some pictures of their first day:

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Mom Taxi Julie said...

You are all so cute!

I hate things that are unorganized. Unfortuntely you can't complain much unless you want to volunteer to help around here lol.