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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just another day in happy land.....

Has anyone ever made a racists remark to you?
Well someone let one fly at me yesterday, and being an all American white man this was almost a joke. But you know what? It really pissed me off for about a second and then it took all my composure not to laugh in his face when he said it. And it was not that he made a comment about whitey that got me hot, but the fact that if I had said that to him I would have been fired!
You see.....well here let me do this in play write format:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The scene:
The two actors are standing in a parking lot outside of a factory in a discussion about a delivery truck blocking other cars in.

OldRascistBlackMan: This guy has no right to be blocking me in, I got off work and I want to go home! I came over to you people to git him to move and you did nothing about it!

EverydayWorkingGuy: Sir, the moment you made the complaint the delivery guy was told he had to move and he was in the process of doing so when I saw you arguing with him.

OldRascistBlackMan: What!!! Did you hear what he said to me!

EWG: No sir I was not close enough to hear him, but I was able to hear you yelling.

ORBM: He had no right to park here.....and who is your supervisor!

EWG: I am the supervisor

ORBM: Oh, I see how this is 'YOU PEOPLE" are stick up for each other, "YOU PEOPLE" are always like that!
* Now at this point I was not really sure what he meant by "you people" since my mind does not work on the black/white thing. The whole idea of me sticking up for this kid, that was the delivery guy who happened to be white as well, was so far off course I was unsure as what he meant*

EWG: What do you mean by, you people?

ORBM: You know what I mean, you people always doing this to us.

EWG: No really, what are you talking about, you people?

ORBM: You White People!

Here we can see how the race card has a real double standard. I would never use someones race, religion or sexual preference into an argument. Especially in an argument over parking!
It was about that time I got pissed, he kept going on and on about it and all I did was look at him and realize that:
This man I have seen day in and day out is a hardcore Honkeie Hater! Damn and all this time I thought he was a nice guy. It just goes to show you, you never know someone until they let their guard down and they show you their true colors.
I live in a very mixed neighborhood and have never had any ill feeling towards any one. I dont shut my door and hide when I see a black guy walk past my house.....unless he is wearing a suite and carrying a little black book. Damn Witness scar the crap out of me! I really do not understand hating someone because of something they had no say it. I am white by birth and proud by choice.....but how can someone be proud of something they had nothing to do with. It is like being proud of having two hands....makes no sense and neither does thinking the way he does.
Our fore fathers where some hardcore racist back in the day but that does not make me one too. I am not proud of what happened back in the day, but to have the ability to move forward one must learn from the past and move on. Not dwell on it and act like it is still 1950 and it is still Cracker Land.
But after I cooled my heels a bit I let it go. I was not going to let this ORBM bring me down to his level. I know what I am and know deep down I would never have stood up for someone just because he was anything but in the right. I did get upset at first but that is only human, but after I let off some steam I had to laugh. Because I know that this guy went home pissed and a probably told everyone under the sun about how "THE MAN" is still keeping him down. Where it was his own hate and bitterness that is really the problem.
And you know what? I would put money on the fact he is probably a god fearing, Jesus loving man. So much for do on to others, turn the other cheek and love thy neighbor huh? See ever religious people don't believe their own bullshit!


Becky said...

Sigh... I can't imagine having someone say some shit like that to me. You handled it much better than I would have. Honestly I'd have acted pretty immature! Black people like that are so very rare. It's hard to imagine but until the sixties they were treated terribly, maybe he was around back then, or maybe he acquired his contempt from his parents even. What a different world we live in... Congratulations on reacting calmly!

Martini said...

Sounds like you handled it in a very professional manner. A friend of mine was physically and verbally attacked at Home Depot by a native Indian simply because he loaded his van in the loading zone BEFORE the native man. He yelled similar things like "you people", sprinkled with a hefty useage of the F-bomb.

My 230-lb friend (muscle, not fat)was hit, shoved and knocked down trying to set a passive-aggressive example for his 3 small children who watched their father get pummeled by an enormous native Indian.

And the Home Depot manager refused to release the security tape to police when he wanted to press assualt charges. Great eh?

Sudiegirl said...

Interesting post - I've run into that type of behavior too.

You'd think we'd gotten past that, huh?

Samantha said...

A very similar thing happened at my school years ago. A black girl was beating the crap out of a white girl, shouting 'You white bitch' but was it racist? According to the school, nope.